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Tusa Imprex II Hyperdry Snorkel

Tusa Imprex II Hyperdry Snorkel


The SP-580Q Imprex II Hyperdry snorkel has a special internal purge channel located below the mouthpiece. It channels exhaled air out the top of the snorkel while excess water drains through the bottom purge valve.

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This Item Includes: TUSA Imprex II Hyperdry Flex Snorkel with Snorkel Keeper
-Contoured Snorkel with Flex Tube
-Hyperdry System Keeps Main Pipe Dry by Ejecting Water via Independent Escape Pipe
-Hyperdry System: Angle of Snorkel Pipe and Resilience of Water Surface to Eject Water
-Quick Efficient Clearing

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Black, Black/Red, Cobalt Blue, Flash Yellow, Translucent

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