Seac Motus Fibrex Pro Fins


The Seac Motus Fibrex Pro has a stiffer fiberglass blade than the Motus Fibrex for an even better response and a more powerful burst of speed when you need it. Blades can be interchanged with both Motus and Motus Fibrex.

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Removable Fin and Foot Pocket System Easily Remove and Replace Blades

Closed Foot Pocket Ranging in Sizes from US 4.5 to 14

Dual Density Thermoplastic Rubber Hard for the Sole & Ribbing, Soft for Shoe Pocket

Innovative Fibreglass Blade Very Light and Thin but High Elasticity, Resulting in More Efficient Fin Kicks

Fish Tail End More Efficient in Transferring Energy for Efficient Fin Kicks

22° Angle Blade From Shoe Optimize Power of Thrust with Less Effort

Blade Channels On Top and Underside Channels Water in a Straight Line for Better Propulsion


Shoe Type Closed Foot Pocket

Foot Pocket Sizes US 4.5 to US 14

Blade Material Fibreglass Compound

Shoe Material Dual Density Thermoplastic Rubber

Blade Stiffness Hard

Length 900mm – 940mm

Pair Weight 2.00kg – 2.25kg

Colour(s) Black


Manufacturing Process

Made in Italy

When creating its product line, Seac takes into account three essential characteristics that embody all the features of an excellent freediving/spearfishing fin: lightweight, reactive, and comfortable. Beginning with the latter, which is undoubtedly the most important, given the prolonged time spent in the water when spearfishing. Seac has decided to concentrate their efforts to offer a more comfortable and functional shoe in terms of power transmission and facility. Having reached this objective, they dedicated their time to meeting demands for lightweight materials and kicking efficiency by developing different blade materials and lengths aimed at satisfying even the most demanding divers.


Why Motus Fibrex Pro

Designed for experienced freedivers, the Motus Fibrex Pro is a high performance fins made of an innovative fibreglass compound for better response and a more powerful burst of speed. The blades can be interchanged with those of Motus and Motus Fibrex for different blade stiffness to accommodate different diving conditions and environments. The closed shoe features double dual-density material, hard thermoplastic rubber for the sole and ribbing and soft for the shoe so as to maximize the comfort/performance ratio.

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