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The Seac DX200 is your best bet if you want a versatile, lightweight regulator that delivers maximum performance. The balanced diaphragm first stage ensures reliable performance even at great depths and low tank pressures. This configuration makes it possible to regulate the intermediate pressure from the outside.

The second stage is adjusted with metal components featuring an innovative and avant-garde design which ensures impeccable performance and maximum breathing ease. Manufactured using Luxury Technology, the ultra-high performance second stage is remarkably resistant to abrasion. The user-adjustable flow and Venturi assist further provide for ease of use and effortless breathing.

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First Stage Materials Forged Brass with Sanded Chrome Finish

First Stage Features High-Performance Balanced Diaphragm, Maximum Safety and Ease of

Maintenance (Possibility of Adjusting the Intermediate Pressure from the Outside)

Second Stage Materials Technopolymers, Elastomers, with Components in Metal and Cover

with Luxury Technology Treatment for Abrasion and Scratch Resistance

Second Stage Features Possibility to Regulate Both Respiratory Exertion and the Venturi Effect

Angled Low Pressure Ports More natural hose routing for a single cylinder so the hoses aren’t

strained or stick out and ruin trim

Lightweight Braided Hose Higher burst pressure and lighter than conventional hoses


HP Outlets 2

LP Outlets 4, of which 2 inclined at 20° and 2 inclined at 30°.

Colour(s) Black

Also available in the ICE version (environmentally sealed 1st stage) for optimised performance even in very cold waters


Manufacturing Process

Made in Italy

As part of its 40th anniversary. Seac invested in a development project for its regulators to make them the highest performing and most reliable regulators in the world. This project began with the installation of a new department exclusively for their regulators. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this new department ensures that the process of building a new regulator from assembly, through calibration and inspection, is seamless. This jewel in the Seac crown consists of two ANSTI machines. the most recent of which has been updated according to the latest EC EN250 standards and can be used for dynamic testing both on dry land as well as in water. Seac regulators: reliability and performance. simplicity and sturdiness.


Why DX200

Seac DX200 is ideal for those who want maximum performance associated with versatility and lightweight. The reduced size and lightweight first stage ensures constant performance even at great depths and low tank pressure, making it possible to regulate the intermediate pressure from the outside. The new balanced second stage is adjustable with metal components featuring an innovative design which ensures impeccable performance and maximum ease of breathing.

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DIN, INT (Yoke)


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