Scubapro Sealed Marker Buoy with Valve


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The Sealed Marker Buoy is a unique product from SCUBAPRO: it cannot deflate, even floating on a rough sea! It is a professional safety signal, versatile and convenient for many reasons.

Features Totally sealed bright orange sealed tube of 1m long Clearly visible, even in rough conditions. Inflatable through a one-way valve connected with Balanced Power Inflator AIR 2 or oral inflation. Easily inflatable in all circumstance. Relief valve, BC type Prevents any overpressure, and makes the purging easy. Top Velcro strap to receive a strobe light Increased safety, especially in low light conditions. Same material than the BCs, with welded edges Very solid, resistant to punctures, longer lifetime than standard PVC. 5L volume available Big enough to help carrying small objects, or to be used as surface floating device. Delivered in a pocket, showing a mesh side and two plastic clips Easy to carry and fasten on the BC. Extra weight quickly clipped to hold the buoy vertical.


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