Poseidon Xstream 9/16 Second Stage Regulator


The Poseidon Xstream 9/16 Second Stage Regulator is the preferred performance regulator of the US Navy, US Coastguard, and German Bundeswehr, brings divers the ultimate in performance in all water conditions and at all depths (certified to 200m/656 ft). It is the regulator of choice for divers who really mean business.

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Poseidon Xstream 9/16 Second Stage Features

  • Titanium black surface coating for insane durability
  • Ultimate performance in all conditions
  • Legendary Poseidon reliability
  • Approved to cold water standard, EN250
  • Approved for use under ice down to -1,6 °C / 29.12 °F without CWD kit
  • Unique internal Thermo Dynamic Anti-freeze system (TDA)

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