Poseidon M28 Dive Computer


A new standard for dive computer performance is set by the Poseidon M28 Dive Computer.  It boasts maps, graphics, GPS, Dive-By-Wire and a host of features that deliver class-leading functionality that’s incredibly intuitive to use.


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• Maps, and feature-rich graphics thanks to a class-leading 2.8” TFT LCD Color Display
• Real-time GPS Surface Positioning
• Highly intuitive user interface with two button control
• Enhanced SE7EN/MKVI functionality with the M28’s Rebreather Management System
• Dive-By-Wire™ Integration with Poseidon Pod Systems, HUD and HP Sensors
• Dual Deco Algorithm (DCAP and Bülhmann ZHL16C with gradient factors)
• Depth rated to 200M/656 ft


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