Dive Rite 3000 Regulator


A combination of out time-tested, Dive Rite 3000 Regulator first stage with a new, 3000 series second stage creates a high performance, hard working regulator designed for the rigors of tech diving. Pneumatically balanced design delivers gas at a constant pressure so work of breathing remains effortless independent of depth or tank pressure. Diaphragm first stage eliminates the number of moving parts and keeps internal parts free of outside contaminates and debris. New ergonomic Venturi knobs is easy to adjust even with thick gloves or cold water mitts. CE EN250 approved.

Balanced diaphragm first stage with swiveling turret
Optional first stage environmental kit available separately
Pneumatically balanced second stage
Four standard 3/8-inch LP ports, two 7/16 HP ports
standard 28-inch LP hose
Alternate size hoses sold separately
DIN to Yoke adapter included


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