Atomic Aquatics Ti2 Octopus


The Atomic Aquatics Ti2 Octopus has titanium metallic components, lightweight with total corrosion resistance and compact, with low profile exhaust deflector. It alaso have automatic airflow adjust for easy breathing.

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Atomic Aquatics Ti2 Octopus Features

  • All Titanium Metallic Components
  • Lightest Weight and Total Corrosion Resistance
  • Regulator Immune to Performance-Degrading Effects of Seawater Corrosion
  • Patented Atomic Aquatics Seat Saving Orifice Prevents Wear of Low-Pressure Seat
  • Orifice: Extends Service-Interval and Improves-Reliability
  • Compact, with Low-Profile Exhaust Deflector, Fits Easily in BCD Pockets
  • Bright Yellow Flexible Front Cover for High Visibility in Out-of-Air-Emergency
  • Ti2 Octopus: Same Second Stage as T1 and B2
  • Depth Activated Flow Control (AFC)
  • AFC: Automatically Adjusts the Airflow at Depth for Natural-Effortless-Breathing
  • Balanced Linear Flow Design for Extremely Easy Breathing at all Depths and Dive Conditions
  • Rapid Adjustment Knob for Rare Special Situations
  • 36″ (91.4 cm) 3/8″ Threaded Low Pressure Hose


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