Apollo Tas Lift Back Inflate BCD


The Apollo TAS Lift Back Inflate BCD is lightweight with a low drag coefficient that allows fantastic freedom of movement.

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The Apollo TAS Lift Back Inflate BCD has a simple little doughnut wing with an adjustable webbing harness and an upper and lower dump. It features a heavy duty, stainless-steel, weight belt type buckle, and the unique spring-loaded Apollo Bio-Tank lock system on the camband. The Bio-Tank Lock delivers 100 kg of tightening torque, so you should never find your tank drop out during a dive.

The Apollo TAS Lift BCD provides a maximum buoyancy of 6.5 kg (14 lb).

The Apollo TAS Lift BCD has a conventional corrugated hose and direct feed, and this is topped with an over-pressure relief valve. You dump air by either pulling on the short cord to the rear bottom dump (unusually on the left side), or the long cord that is threaded to the front of the harness through a flexible plastic conduit to an upper dump-valve at the right side.

The advantage of a small wing is that the air stays in one place, providing fantastic stability under water, which is perfect for photographers. The shoulder straps have thick rubber pads where they take the load during topside manoeuvres, and two large pinch-clips make slipping out of the harness once back at the boat very slick indeed.


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