Apeks XTX20 Regulator + XTX20 Octopus Set


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This warm water regulator set combines an Apeks XTX20 Primary Stage Regulator with an Apeks XTX20 Second Stage Regulator and an Apeks XTX20 Octopus Second Stage Regulator.

The new Apeks XTX regulators are the first in the world to meet the new European Standard for Auxiliary Emergency Breathing Systems, a major Safety Standard.

Apeks XTX regulators are respected as some of the best SCUBA regulators available and still come at the top in independent reviews around the world. Improving these regulators has not been easy. The new Apeks XTX20 takes all that is good from the previous version and offers even more with stunning looks and practical improvements.

The Apeks XTX20 regulator set is designed specifically use in warm water an is therefore more compact and lightweight, excellent for the travelling diver. Although designed for warm water use as a member Apeks XTX family the XTX20 regulator is still full of features.


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