Apeks ATX50 Regulator


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The Apeks ATX50 Regulator has all the high performance features and benefits of the highly respected Apeks TX50 regulator with improvements in design and material. Smaller, lighter, lower profile, improved gas flow, finer adjustment ??and more.

We believe that your regulator should be as flexible as you are. So the new ATX50 retains our well proven combination of diver adjustable venturi and cracking resistance controls. Now this regulator also has the benefit of an additional MICRO-ADJUSTMENT* that allows each individual regulator to be precisely adjusted to give optimum performance

Whilst the Venturi lever and Resistance control are designed for Diver alteration and tuning, The Micro Adjustment requires a special key and this fine adjustment should only be carried out by suitably qualified and authorised personnel using the recommended testing equipment

The combination of this new second stage (balanced) and the high performance DRY SEALED TURRET first stage (again balanced) offers a perfect regulator for diving anywhere in the world.

First Stage Specifications Swivel turret body medium pressure ports, 1 x 1/2″ UNF + 3 x 3/8″ UNF 2 high pressure ports, 2 x 7/16″ UNF Environmentally dry sealed system Polished chrome finish Balanced for superior performance Second Stage Specifications Pneumatically balanced system – reduces breathing effort Heat exchanger for cold water diving Integrated Venturi Control Cracking Resistance Control – alters breathing resistance to suit individual diver preference Micro adjuster Extremely efficient exhaust valve Compact integrated exhaust 25% lighter than TX models Comfo Bite mouthpiece – for comfort and to reduce jaw fatigue.


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