Best Snorkeling Equipment You Need to Have

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Best Snorkeling Equipment You Need to Have

best scuba snorkeling gearSnorkeling is a relaxing way to view the fascinating world just beneath the ocean’s surface. It is a fun way to view the colorful underwater. I find floating just within the underwater scenery great enough to escape the hurdles I encounter in my everyday life.

To fully enjoy my snorkel adventure, here are the best dive equipment I always have with me:

Best Snorkeling Mask

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Scuba masks come in a wide range of variety of styles, sizes and materials. Some have plastic skirts, some are frameless. But In choosing the best scuba mask for you, the main thing is to get one that fits you perfectly as you do not want to experience any leakage. Usually 100% silicone is far better.

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Best Scuba Snorkels


Snorkels seem pretty simple but they also come with a bunch of different types, styles and sizes. Getting the best scuba snorkel is important for your mouth shape and preferences. Some are equipped with dry valves and or splash guards on top. Take note that snorkels are a very personal equipment as you put it on your mouth.

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Best Scuba Fins

Tusa Liberator Fins Black

Choosing the best scuba fins depends on your skill level, strength and the type of diving you would be doing. You have mainly two options: full foot or open heel. Some fins are solid and some have split fins. This always varies with your own preference and the type of diving you are going to do.

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Safe Sea Sunscreen

Best Sellers

Protection from the sun in particular deserves full attention. Though a sunscreen may not be essential, it might be a bit crazy not to have and use it especially if you are diving during the day or in tropical waters. Besides your protection, in choosing the best sunscreen, make sure to use a safe sea and reef friendly sunscreen because chemicals in most sunscreens may hurt the sea life.

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Best Scuba Rashguard

Best Scuba Rashguard

Sometimes sunscreen is not enough when you go in and out of the water several times a day. It becomes a pain to re-apply every now and then. Wearing a scuba rashguard may save you time. This not only reduces the area you need to apply sunscreen too but also provides an insulating warmth and jellyfish sting protection. Choosing the best rashguard depends on the warmth you want to achieve. If you want extra warmth, you may want to get a thin 1mm long sleeve wetsuit.

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Best Dry Bag

Aropec Delta Bag

You should not only protect yourself but also your valuables. This is what the best dry bag is for. A good sized bag can hold all your gear and keep it organized and dry. It also protects your valuables from sand and dirt. Nowadays, clear dry bags are going in-style, however, the downside of this is your valuables are exposed in public, making it for other people to easily see what’s inside your bag.

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Best Dive Booties

Best Dive Booties

If you would be getting full foot fins, then there is no need to acquire booties. However, the best dive booties are strongly recommended if you will be getting open heel fins. These are not only for insulation but also protection. With the best dive booties, you may enjoy to keep your feet safer walking in and out of the water.

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Mask Strap Cover


Mask strap can be very nice for divers with long hair. Mask strap covers are neoprene covers that go over your face mask straps. It keeps your hair from getting tangled or caught up in the sticky rubber straps. It also keeps your hair in place and makes taking your face mask on and off easier.

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Best Dive Torch

Best Scuba Torches

Having the best dive torch depends on the light condition. If you are likely to go night snorkeling, the best dive torch is highly recommended. Not only it is used to provide light but also it can be used as a signaling device in case of any danger or accident.

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With all these equipment, you will fully enjoy your safe snorkeling adventure. As always, happy diving!

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